DVD22_0587_IMG_7855-2Are you frazzled and overwhelmed with the responsibilities of parenting? Does it leave you feeling drained and unable to cope with nothing left to give your children or yourself? Are you yelling and screaming even though you promised you would stop?

Is parenting all that you thought it would be? Angelic sleeping babies, cuddly toddlers and teenagers who tell you everything because your best friends?  Isn’t it easy to be a parent when you are well rested, feeling good and your children are cooperating?  But when do those things actually ever happen?

Isn’t the reality more like we’re tired all the time, cranky and our kids aren’t listening?  If your like most parents, all your great parenting skills go out the window as soon as your triggered by their behavior.

And your children feed off of your energy and before you know it the kids are fighting, your yelling, and dinner still has to be made.

Your left feeling overwhelmed, unable to cope and worst of all that you failed as a parent.

This is not what you envisioned when you dreamed of having kids.

There is hope….Life can change…You can become the parent you truly want to be.andresr11832

You are capable of raising happy, caring, confident children in a peaceful home where everyone thrives, especially you!

This is available to you through a deep and authentic connection with your child.

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You can have the family you always wanted no matter how old your children are. It is never too late!

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