Hilary is a married, homeschooling mama to 2 children who are her greatest teachers!

Hilary has been a psychotherapist since 1999 and in her work with clients she recognizes that just about everyone’s pain and struggle is rooted in the family 94unfinished business of childhood in which damaging core beliefs are formed about themselves like, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m a failure”, “What I say doesn’t matter”, “I’m incapable, unimportant, worthless, powerless” Sound familiar?

These are not people raised in foster care or abusive homes.  They came from families who truly loved and raised them the best way they knew how.  That is the scary part.  That well meaning, loving parents can unknowingly raise children with such dysfunctional core beliefs.Family conflict

Our parenting culture operates in a dominant parenting style that emphasizes a” control over” our children vs. a “working with” model.  This looks like shame and blame, brides and rewards and punishments to control behavior.

Hilary is on a mission to change the way children are being raised! And it started with how she wanted to raise her own children.   She knew that in her worst sleep deprived, frazzled, rage filled moments as a parent that these experiences were shaping her for something more, something greater in order to help other parents. It was in those moments that the seed began to take root to help other parents on their path to transformation.

This seed lead her to become a parent coach.

As a parent coach, speaker, and psychotherapist, Hilary helps parents transform their relationship with their children with the outcome of raising happy, caring, and confident children in peaceful homes in which families are deeply connected and everyone thrives!708436_NIM

She provides a safe, collaborative coaching relationship by building rapport and trust through non-judgmental acceptance of wherever you are at.

Are you ready to raise your kids differently than you were raised? Are you ready to end the struggle and parent from your own values?

Contact Hilary at 609-576-2586.  She would love to talk with you!

She offers a free 1 hour strategy session to better assess your needs as a parent and how she can best support you in your journey.