Are you struggling to be the kind of parent you want to be? Are you so passionate about parenting your kids effectively that you read parenting books, listen to teleseminars, or even join parenting groups? Do you try to implement new strategies on your own but just can’t seem to get where you want to be?IMG_1453_C1

This all leaves you feeling exhausted, helpless, and like you are failing as a parent.  I get it.  The good news is you don’t have to feel this way. You can become empowered to be the kind of parent you always wanted.

Your not alone. Your not crazy.  It is possible to parent from a place that is in alignment with your values, and radically shift how you raise your kids. You can only give out of a full bucket.  But if your bucket is leaking or constantly empty, then no one is thriving in the family.

During our work together you will learn what to do when you are triggered by your child’s behavior instead of blindly reacting to them.  You will operate out of a place of calm and therefore model for your children how to handle intense emotions.

Hilary Akman Parent Coach

The result will be a deep and authentic connection with your children.  And that is where the secret sauce lies!  You will experience a relationship of mutual respect, cooperation, and trust.

My program is a dynamic one- on- one coaching process over a 10 week period.  All of our work is done over the telephone. This way it makes it so much more convenient for parents who need to put their kids to bed or otherwise do not have to incur the additional cost of babysitting.

You will be personally supported through every step in a safe,warm, and nurturing environment.  All will discuss will be held in strictest confidence.  I consider it a sacred privilege to join along side you during your journey .

You will be given homework in between our calls to implement what you have learned right away. In between calls I am available for a quick chat or text.  You are not alone during this transformation. Your feedback is very important for me to guide you and find out where your obstacles are and where you might need extra attention and TLC. We go at your own pace.  If you need more time to integrate the process, that’s OK! This isn’t a race. The problems in your family didn’t happen overnight. It is never too late to make the changes in your family. You can even coach your own child through eliminating any damaging beliefs they may have formed about themselves. Your kids are never too old, the situation isn’t too hopeless.